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This book was long and the plot moved glacially slow. The summary of the book describes the main character getting caught up in the underground art world which is really not the main premise of the novel, at all. Nor is the description of underground art world an accurate one as I would refer to it as simply the underground drug world that occasionally deals in art. 

Our protagonist,Theo Decker’s life, is thrown into chaos when his mother dies. As he traipses from home to home, family to family, he struggles to find a stable living situation while also struggling to deal with his mother’s death. Pretty much as clear as I can be without giving away too much of the plot.

Throughout, Tartt attempts to answer the questions why bad things happen to good people and conversely, why good things happen to bad people, featuring prominently the intertwining themes of randomness and coincidence.

Not my favorite, to say the least. 2/5 stars

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